Why I Go For Wikimedia

Design for Thriving Communities

It is not technology what makes the most admirable achievement of Wikipedia for me but motivating people of all kinds to join forces and work on a truely global effort. Design practice knows a lot of methods to get involved with users, understand their motivations, and prototype working solutions – doing so in the open, in and with the community becomes truly participatory design.

Make Great UX a Signature of Open Source

Open source software can be notorious for being hard to understand and use – which severly hampers its success. It should excel in user experience, as many projects are rooted in and driven by communities! And Wikimedia has the power and community size to make a difference. Designing solutions that find community acceptance is no easy task but an important goal that I want to pour my energies into; carefully yet persistently.

Design as Support for Strategy

Design can make tools more useable. It also offers important insights for strategic decisions with its user perspective and a cross-sectional view of a “product” or service. Its hands-on nature lets you break down high level topics into tangible experiments again to gain real world feedback quickly. I want to help leverage design powers throughout Wikimedia.

Diversity & Team Spirit

The mission of Wikipedia requires many different skills – working across disciplines is a challenge but mainly an opportunity for me. During my time supporting Mapping OER with IXDS, I experienced a highly supportive and dynamic atmosphere in the core team. This culture of mutual respect seems to fuel Wikimedia and I’d love to contribute and grow in it.

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