Why I Like Mozilla

Tech Company for Social Change

Technology plays a major role in the evolution of societies around the world (and often an ambiguous one). I want to influence this evolution to the better, and putting technology to use for people is what I know.

Innovative Product Company

Mozilla has always been cutting edge in web technology but also focusing on putting out products. I love experiments and user research as much as turning them into products – only products that people use can make a difference.

On a Teaching Mission

Creating a better life with technology is not only an engineering task but very much a question of selecting, applying, understanding tools & media. With massive teaching programs, Mozilla shows how passionate they are about it, and so am I.

Participatory Design Built In

Fully dedicated to the community and to “code in the open”, Mozilla is in close contact with their users far beyond product feedback. I was always intrigued by participatory design but commercial projects were too secretive to allow for it.

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