Why Choose Me?

Team Lead with Collaborative Mindset

I work best in teams and embrace the mix of disciplines. With 7+ years of experience, I enjoy supporting them to meet their goals and ensure fluent communication with everyone else involved (e.g. clients, sponsors, other teams).

Design Expert for Innovation

Innovation needs to happen. Not only as systematic research but also realized and tested to evaluate a novel solution. Applying and adapting design tools to combine user needs, business goals, and technical possibilities has been my main job focus so far and I truely like it.

Transferrable B2B Knowledge

Tools for private and professional use are merging. My last couple of years working on smart manufacturing and industrial topics got me deep insights into RoI considerations and (IoT) platform strategies – while I pushed to move “the user” up on the priority list of management.

Passionate About My Job and Developing My Organization

We built IXDS up from 0 to over 80 employees, including non-conventional defaults like the 4-days workweek. Thinking about organizational development and (sometimes painful) learning has become a natural thing to me. Also, because my dedication to my job doesn’t end with a given task, I look ahead and try to learn from the past.

Ready to Work Differently

I don’t believe that innovations ending in business secrets and “customer lifetime value” are helping to advance our knowledge and empower every individual. I’m passionate about my job and that leaves little room for side projects – now I don’t want to tranquilize my passion for open source any longer and make it my professional default.

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