Where I Worked & Learned

I’ve spent most of my professional life with IXDS, but I also allowed myself some detours.

Designer & Team Lead


2008 – 2015

From the humble beginnings, I helped build up IXDS as a recognized design office for digital transformation of over 80 people. We work on huge range of topics from strategy to implementation.

Quick growth and a constantly evolving company demands a lot of energy. But shaping my organization and workplace has always been a great opportunity for me.

Design Lead 
Smart Manufacturing


2015 – 2017

For this new „hub“ of expertise focused on digital industrial and enterprise projects, I helped build up clients and strategy.

It is an engineering driven world but the success of a service depends on how it works in the hands & eyes of workers on the shop floor. Plus, while doing user research, I could walk around these fascinating machines!


from 2017

Design Intern



As part of the design team, I worked with pen&pencil and the HTML stack to create web portals based on semantic web technology (anymeta).

I wanted to catch the Dutch design spirit as part of my studies and found myself deeply immersed into culture, technology, and a company remodelling. The borders between all of them and business can be fluent.

UX Designer


2008 – 2009

We built this open source software also as a tool for ourselves, to merge electronics, software, and the creative impulse of making.

Don’t educate! Event though Fritzing is also about learning. Encourage people to build their projects, provide support where necessary, and boost their energy.

DataVis Researcher

FH Potsdam IDL


In a multidisciplinary research team, we explored visual tools to help network security analyst detect threats in network traffic data more effectively.

The co-creative methods that we applied felt rather new for most researchers – this way, co-creative methods in data visualization became the focus for our research paper.

More details? My 
linkedin profile gives you a more complete overview.
My scientific work is available via Research Gate.

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