What Did I Work On?

Most of my work I can’t show because it’s based on closed innovation. Luckily, there are some open projects that also made me realize that I want to go fully “open innovation”.

FirefoxOS Privacy Controls

How to teach first-time users about privacy features and how make it an attractive exploration?


Software + ecosystem for makers to build electronic circuits

Wikimedia Mapping OER

Support a diverse community in defining status quo and worthwhile projects for open educational ressources.

The Smart Factory as a Service Ecosystem

Can service design and UX help innovate on the factory shop floor? – talk at SDNglobal 2106

Design for Privacy

Three directions for how design can improve people’s authority over their personal data. – IXDS PreWorkTalk 2015

If you are interested in the approach and processes I know inside out, the IXDS website has some descriptions for you.

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