And Now: Let’s Talk

I hope you enjoyed the read. But for working together, nothing beats a personal conversation. Get in touch!

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Thanks Philipp Sackl for sharing his path to Mozilla so openly – it makes a lot of sense and was a great motivation and inspiration (obviously).

I’m also grateful for the work I could build upon thanks to creative commons:

Gemma Evans via the noun project, cc-by 3.0

Jasmine Rae Friedrich via the noun project, cc-by 3.0

Dimitry Sunseifer via the noun project, cc-by 3.0

Adapted from Arif Fajar Yulianto via the noun project, cc-by 3.0

Wikimedia Foundation Logo, adapted from Neolux (SVG version created by DarkEvil, revised by Philip Ronan and optimized by Zscout370 and Artem Karimov) Later revised by Wikimedia Foundation. CC BY-SA 3.0

Lützner, Goltz, Atelier Disko, cc-by 4.0

Anne Deppe for IXDS

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