emotisys revived

Opening view of emotisys. everything looks so clean – until you use it…

In the last couple of days, I dusted emotisys [de] off and it is mostly working again.
I still need to work on some issues (such as remembering your name it is asking for in the very beginning) but it made me quite happy already.

Feel free to give it a try if you speak some German – unfortunately, it’s probably hard to understand otherwise.

This is quite remarkable since it was basically under wraps and in maintenance for lots of years. Luckily, I now found the time to take care of it. With AI on the rise, I feel it is still a relevant experiment. Also see Jan Korsanke’s talk on trust and AI recently as an IXDS PreWorkTalk in Munich!

I was a little anxious looking at the code I wrote years ago. It is quite tedious (//documentation, anyone?) and often embarras

sing (I had hardly an idea of object orientation). Also have in mind that jQuery was not released when I started, and XMLHttpRequests were not widely known as ajax.
Some parts are also quite complex and that they started working again feels like a small surprise – as if a rusty machine gets going again. Yeah!

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