Ginger Hero

Katrina Boemig did this piece of art!

My happy HTC Hero is now all gingerbread! It had a sweet life with a custom made Eclair (VillainRom), but now I needed to spice it up so that I would talk with our company’s calDAV (Android’s sync support beyond Google and ActiveDirectory is still embarrassing). Of course, I wanted to go for ginger with more SENSE but it was too hot from the oven for me. So I tried some of Elelinux bread. I’m on plain Android for the first time (UI wise) and that makes it feel even more new to me ( :

After a couple of hours of use, I miss the Sense dialer, however, and the Sense widgets for Facebook, Twitter, and the like. These social updates are still not integrated well enough… I got also used to 7 homescreens. And it lacks the large screen widget for the calendar (I’d never thought that even that one came from Sense)!

I’m still not sure whether gingerbread “fits into” the older Hero. At the moment, it looks as if it is really taking the CPU to its limits most of the time… (particularly annoying: my homescreen icons disappear and take a couple of seconds before they show back up)

There is still hope for sensible Gingerbreads: Villain is baking, too. And, of course, honeycomb is on the watchlist.


USB surgery

ad hoc soldering place

So, after a long break I heated up my soldering iron again. My USB hub had a broken cable and I decided to fix, and at same time extend it. Also, I wanted to solder some USB cables for a long time, since it is rather simple on the technical level but an important and omnipresent item in the computer ecosystem.

Close look at ugliness

There was a little challenge built in, too, since my hub offered the cable colours blue, green, red, and transparent (USB standards would have been black, green, white, and red). Everything looks fine now.

Of course, the effort was in no relation to the monetary value of the device – but reparing is not about money but about curiosity and autonomy, as laid down in the Repair Manifesto (PDF).

New hub with just the cover plate missing