Next Generation Social Networking?

On this year’s Microsoft Research Faculty Summit, Liz Lawley complained that

Many social-networking sites essentially force users to become part of a huge community, or they force users to choose whether someone else is a friend or not, with no other subtleties defining that relationship

Of course, this direction fits perfectly to my thesis. But more specifically, I get the impression that more “subtleties” are nice and essential but also require a lot of effort by the user. Maybe similiar to metadata that was/is supposed to establish a “semantic web” but needs very simple interfaces to come to real use (delicious’ tag auto complete might serve as a good example). But while “bad” tagging might just mess up your knowledge base, getting the subtle interpersonal relations adjusted wrongly will get you in deeper trouble with your friends (light friends/good friends/best friends).

via experientia via macworld

[this is just a fast article that will be extended later on, hopefully]