auto-pilot for your relationships

For a healthy relationship, you should leave a short notice for your friends at least once in a while. But — huh — somtimes, days are really packed and you tend to forget things like that anyway…

Why not let your digital companion take on some routine care taking? Computers are well versed with keep alive customs:

The “keep-alive” keyword […] allows the sender to indicate its desire for a persistent connection.

Here is how it works:
keepalive scenario
With the socially aware address book (from my Master’s Thesis) it will know who your friends are–and you will be able to describe your social aspirations, too. You then only need to define where you store interesting images or your latest writings or what you’re currently occupied with and the system will start sending off short notices every now and then.
If your friend happens to implement the same digital assistant (second line in the picture), your digital sidekicks might end up in a circle of automatic messages and reponses, chatting along on their own. Bypassing your human existence altoghther…
But your assistant can also propose some more personal messages that require your contribution (as depicted in the last line).

After all, some digital support is better than neglecting your remote friends too much, isn’t it?
(discussion declared open…)

2 Responses to auto-pilot for your relationships

  1. fabian:

    i like the idea of an autopilot – but how much control do i have over that?

  2. Hannes:

    well, it depends on the scenario you want to pick.

    In the responsible one you just switch it on in tight situations (like, say, writing your thesis): You’re very busy with a specific topic and that’s something that could be told easily to all your friends who are wondering why you stopped writing.

    If you are more in favor of a cybernetic totalism the auto-pilot will outrule you and even work on contrary premises. It might even add some friends it met (bots, agents) to your/its address book…