Google takes care of you!

When I was on the way of looking for a film I saw at this years ars electronica, I got quite a good result via Google:

But instead of the website I got a smart advise by Google as you can see below:
google anit malware
(you can right-click “view image” for the better readable version, untill I have better skripts for that)

I had my doubts with the Google warning but the ars-link was exactly the same, so I took it and found a very nice page, describing the film, trailer, and several articles linking to all the awards the film has won so far (siggraph et al.!) – as expected.
Did that site become “badware” by Google-algorithms? and
Why did Google/stopbadware not provide any “no badware” button as we know it from spam and everything?

Has anyone ever experienced something similiar?

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