Google takes care of you!

When I was on the way of looking for a film I saw at this years ars electronica, I got quite a good result via Google:

But instead of the website I got a smart advise by Google as you can see below:
google anit malware
(you can right-click “view image” for the better readable version, untill I have better skripts for that)

I had my doubts with the Google warning but the ars-link was exactly the same, so I took it and found a very nice page, describing the film, trailer, and several articles linking to all the awards the film has won so far (siggraph et al.!) – as expected.
Did that site become “badware” by Google-algorithms? and
Why did Google/stopbadware not provide any “no badware” button as we know it from spam and everything?

Has anyone ever experienced something similiar?


me and my network


Basically, I will look at how Computers can help us with managing our ever growing networks of friends.
I will try to make use of models from mathematical-sociologic network theories and apply them to subject-related, private areas (my network and I). The thesis of social objects will be part of this effort as alternative or addition.
Special attention will be given to the process of operationalisation which converts interpersonal interactions into machine readable numbers. Which actions have to be considered and which parameters are used in this process? At the end of such an automated analysis a computer will have an image of our social relationships available. These considerations will be worked out as applications in the practical part of my Master’s project.
The use of new technologies to organise inter-personal relationships will change them inevitably: But do we transfer the responsibility for our social lives to algorithmic machines in the end? Possible consequences and alternatives have to be taken into account.

In-depth description (german only so far)

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