open doors for friends

access scenario - part1

When moving aroud a lot it would be nice to sit down just anywhere, open the laptop and go online instantly. At least in the cities we find often a couple of access points in the neighbourhood but they are usually locked. For good reasons because how do you know what other people will do on the web via your connection?

access scenario - part2
It’s quite possible that a friend or a good acquaintance will be the owner of one of these access points.

access scenario - part3
You trust your friends and they trust you, so they would give you the login information certainly. But that means you have to knock on their door, they have to be at home, they have to look up the passwords, hand them on to you, you have to enter them in your computer and so on.

access scenario - part4
The access point could be configured to communicate with a personal computer, digital address books or assistants who provide him with the owner’s personal social network. You can specify how far your trust reaches.

access scenario - part5
If the access point knows about “friends & families” it can grant access on an automated basis.

This principle could be applied to various environments that contain sensitive information such as access to certain files, automatic configurations of network settings or subscriptions of shared calendars.

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