trade your personal data—yourself

loome project image

Today, Prof. Dan Smith who is engaged with the development of Service Design at the Glasgow School of Art visited Reto Wettach at the FH Potsdam. The topics of our talk made me have a closer look on Livework in London, a company focused on Service Design.

While this field of design can be considered emergent itself it deals a lot with new technologies and possibilities as well. In a kind of hands-on-research, Livework developed the loome (edit: original page vanished, but some info is left here) service that lets you sell your private data like bank transfer and grocery shopping histories to the highest paying company (one of the involved designers sold a personal record of 800 pages for 150 GBP on ebay as a proof of concept).


Debates in the movies

My previous storyboard has advanced: A little more compact in the beginning and a focus onto the essential statement about Design for Debate in the end. And the pictures, stiff and still, became a real movie already!

Design for Debate in 45sec