understanding your addressbook

automatic addressbook visualisation

While science did and still does struggle to explain some basic relations in our physical environment, several man-made layers were added on top from global economies over finely balanced political treaties to magic-like technologies.

From an everyday perspective, Quantum Mechanics and Magic are more or less equivalent.

as Terry Pratchett once put it (in an 2002 Interview by Die Zeit). The same holds true for our personal environment, where we clutter our harddisks with images, bookmarks, music — and addressbook entries.

Nevertheless we have to decide on these complex topics every day which makes at least some insights and some fast-to-grab facts essential for sensible results. To get the necessary data displayed in a helpful way is the job of “Design for Understanding” and it is one of the positions we are discussing in our Masterkurs.
Regarding my thesis, I tried to apply this principle onto our ever-extending social networks that form a area of science on their own.

Wouldn’t it help to see in an instance with whom I spend most of my time talking on the phone? Who forms my network of “old” friends, that don’t drop by often but regularly? Who, in the end, seems to be important to me or, even more interesting, who regards me as a close friend?

I put some ideas together for possible visualisations in this small presentation.

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