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Preparing an interview with Nathan Shedroff (which will be conducted by Jane Pitrowsky) I focused on an emotional aspect of my master project, the creation of feeling at home. According to Shedroff we cannot avoid evoking experiences for the user (as experience is closly linked to perception, e.g.) but it becomes a designer’s responsiblity to take care of the emotional and sensual implications of his creations (Some of his perspectives are difficult to apply to my project because I develop a service rather than a single product).

During trade fairs, festivals or casual parties we often encouter more people than we can take care of, especially with some extra content like presentations and shows flooding our senses.
feeling lost

One of my goals is to offer some kind of mapping tool that records the huge amounts of personal encounters together with some context and store it for a later analysis. The recording device knows nothing about my conversations or sympathies which is not a drawback, though: Some relations might prove useful or even more pleasant only later.
logging encounters

After the event or in a calm moment we can have a short analysis that might help us remember what happend and even propose who has been most important to us during the day. While the software interface offers a cool analysis primarily, each dot in the network is linked to a person and a bunch of associations to experiences we had.
analyse the collected encounter logs

This service can enhance my social network and keep track of larger amounts of contacts but it offers on first sight or as a sideeffect a feeling of being linked to others, being part of a larger family and thus feeling more at home.
feeling at home

All this happens as a part of Reto Wettach‘s class positions in interaction design.

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