MS Research: Social Computing Group

While digging into the field of Social Computing I found some very interesting projects from the Microsoft Research Social Computing Group.
It seems to be abandonned, with the last update from 2003.

Personal Map

MS Personal Map

The goal of the Personal Map is to help users organize their email contacts in a meaningful way, based on their email behavior, without users having to provide any additional information. The Personal Map models the users social network (who they care about and their informal groups) based on communication behavior such who they email the most and who they email together. The Personal Map provides several visualizations of the underlying user model, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

was then integrated into outlook and tested within a two week user study.


MS NearMe Application

NearMe integrates a buddy list with cell based proximity information from the cell phone. The service notifies a user when his buddies are near by using cell location information, the contact list on the cell phone, SMS messaging.

NearMe is a part of a larger set of “Smart Talk Tools”.

Peer-based Reputation

MS PeerToPeer Reputation

Users who are new to an online environment often have a difficult time deciding who they should interact with. […] We found that recommendations from friends (a “friend-of-a-friend”) and similar interests were the most important criteria for selecting a chat or gaming partner.

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