arduino targa

Arduino Targa - man at work II

Italy is the origin of my beloved arduino-board. So it seemed natural to me to place it into an agile sports car when I had to make up a project for the metal workshop course. It is designed as a cabrio alluding to the relaxed Italian attitude.
The goal of the class led by Martin Ziegler was to learn the basic handling of all necessary tools and gain some experience in working with metal.

making plans

To add a little magic to the metal box with wheels I had in mind, I wanted to make the position of the wheels vertically adjustable. This way, I can decide to maximize the clearance underneath the casing, to lower it for ultimative tuning capabilities or even make the car go upside up as well as upside down.

arduino targa aufsicht
Plans drawn with the wellknown CAD application Freehand


It came out that my ideas made a lot of tools necessary taking me on a nice tour around the workshop:
First, I had to cut the basic form of the chassis out of a metal plate.

arduino targa - raw metal plate

At least one axis has to be cut in two pieces in the middle so that they can be driven independently making the vehicle steerable. These axis need an additional seating, made of a small piece of metal as well. My fine motor skills with the angle grinder (much nicer called Flex in German) improved a lot.

Arduino Targa - seating rawArduino Targa - precision grinding

After folding, welding and grinding the final box appeard – very nice!

Arduino Targa - final casing


To keep the rotating axis in place a special – custom made, ofcourse – seating had to be produced, introducing the turning lathe (thanks to LEO for all these new tec words!) to me. A very helpful tool the produces objects of superior, high-precision appearence. And it is all done starting with a very common, boring metal bar!

Arduino Targa - in the turning lathe

Arduino Targa - seating finished



How to stick the wheels onto the axis and how to fix the axis to the chassis needs some ideas as well. I produced some distance pieces already, but still need to craft the axis themselves. This includes cutting them to the right length, cutting threads into it, mounting the wheels and finally assemble everything.

make it mobile

Once the whole hardware is finished I will think about some nice drives and their installation. From that point on the fun part starts: Sensors all over the car, some nice extensions and an arduino board in control of it all!

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