social networks on-the-go

There are a couple of new video prototypes available that show various devices and applications. All of them are looking for friends that you share with people around you.

Larissa has three new videos about concepts of social mobile devices, three more can be found directly here!

Waiting for the bus is quite a boring task, especially in winter. Some entertainment is usually highly apreciated, even more when there seems to be a personal link with common friends. The person next to me will no longer be a stranger but a friend of a friend.

social button at the bus stop mov: 3.7 mb

You go out for lunch every noon and always asked who is sitting next to you there? Or hanging out at the same place every night, watching the same people? Why not start talking to them, especially if you discover that both of you know the same person? If you manage to match the color of your button to the one of your counterpart, you know you have a friend in common!

social button in a bar mov: 3.3 mb

Maybe you are invited to a party where you seem to know nobody or you enter a pub but your friends take their time showing up. Other people are looking for new contacts as well, all the time. Usually looking is all we do but what if our look could check on common friends with the other?

social button as googels mov: 2.9 mb

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