Tablet Stitching

by Ken Hinckley et al., Microsoft Research, 2004
Tablet Stitchin Scheme

Especially with mobile phones you have to struggle with the rather tiny screens. This problem can be solved: together! All you need are touch enabled devices, which can be combined via a sending and a receiving gesture. You could also imagine a cell phone showing its photos via a nearby tabletPC and so on.
Paper at Microsoft Research

Looking at RFID, each user could also have her/his personal pen, so that s/he can use any tablet around.

Social implications are interesting as well, as you can collaborate at a “virtual desk” without any further technical infrastructure neccessary.
Extending the idea into physical space, Miguel A. Nacenta et al. were researching a behaviour of the cursor across various displays, even if they are not next to each other.
A precedessor of this interaction principle has been developed by Hinckley as Tablet Whacking, which initiates the combination of screens by bumbing one into the other.
A whole lot of opportunities for (multiplayer) computer games, too!

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